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Chapter 1
Developing a Master Memory

1. How to test yourself to increase your memory.
2. How to increase your ability to think.
3. Remember names of everybody you meet with this little secret.
4. Increase your memory by knowing when to study.
5. The one location to take your exams.

Chapter 2
Secrets of Academics

6. How to get extensions on your papers.
7. Time saving secret - when to review.
8. How to cram the right way: follow these two steps.
9. Study with increased concentration.
10. A system so you need to carry only one book all day.
11. How to take advantage of other people' notes to increase your grades.
12. How to save hours on research papers.
13. The power of the human mind.
14. An interesting point about sex.
15. How to use your body's physiology to increase your concentration.
16. Cut your study time in half by taking breaks.
17. How to know what to highlight.
18. How to eat to increase your concentration and stay alert.
19. How to find our secret information on the exam - legally.
20. Three things to do to get more points on your graded exam.
21. How to prevent falling asleep in class.

Chapter 3
Tricks for Taking Tests

22. Four steps to help you remember what you've forgotten.
23. Two tricks to use when you draw a blank on a test.
24. How to choose the right answer - when you don't know it.
25. Three rules for getting better grades on essay tests.

Chapter 4
College Secrets: What schools don't teach you!

26. Studying in the dorm is a big mistake.
27. How to find a professor that only gives A's.
28. How to predict what will be on the exam.
29. How to get into any course, even it it's closed out.
30. How to find the best courses.
31. Preventing the freshman 15.
32. Increase any paper by a full letter grade with this easy trick.
33. Plagiarize?
34. What to do if you are having trouble choosing a major.
35. A lesson in persuasion . . . when handing in a late paper.
36. How to get hundreds more from financial aid.
37. College Stress.
38. The psychology of getting someone to like you.
39. Fraternities, Sororities, and the college night life.
40. How to get into an IVY League University: (through the back door)
41. Complete list of pick up lines!

Chapter 5
More Memorization! Memorizing Jokes, Speeches, Lists, Facts, Formulas,
Where you left things

42. The problem with Universities.
43. Three keys to a good memory.
44. Memorize lists of 20 things in an instant.
45. Examples for using the 10 Number Rhymes.
46. How to memorize 10 more objects.
47. Remembering good jokes.
48. Memorizing Speeches.

Chapter 6
A $500 Speed Reading Course in 27 Pages

49. Introduction to speed reading.
50. The reason we all read slowly.
51. What is speed reading, really?
52. Breaking a bad habit.
53. Enhanced pleasure.
54. Testing your initial reading speed.
55. How fast did you read?
56. $1,200 in your pocket.
57. Reading more words at a time.
58. Increasing your eye span.
59. A warm-up exercise to get your reading faster.
60. Another exercise to get you reading faster.
61. Sports and reading faster.
62. The secret technique of faster reading.
63. Why using your hand increases your speed.
64. Five minute exercises to double your reading speed instantly.
65. Check-up?
66. Hear the score of the Game?
67. Seven days of speed reading practice.

Chapter 7
How to Double Your Reading Speed!

68. Turning pages to save time.
69. The biggest reading mistake you make, and how to break it.
70. The one rule about college reading that you must follow!
71. Another technique to increase your comprehension.
72. A time saving system: how to begin every reading assignment.
73. Techniques for increasing your eye span and processing information quicker.
74. Speed Reading Exercises 1 through 5.
75. Increase your concentration with these four exercises.
76. How to begin any textbook.
77. Before you begin any reading assignment: pre-read.
78. An assignment for right now.


79. What did you learn that you want to remember?
80. This is your Ah-ha page:
81. Knowledge is not power!
82. Giving to give - not to get.
83. Everybody, Somebody, and Nobody


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